In the start of a new professional endeavour, one of the critical components is networking. Of course, you have to have an idea, a plan, a goal, as well as a method for achieving those goals. But one of the primary means of reaching a professional objective is networking.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

This statement holds more true today than a year ago. As companies move into recession mode, cutbacks are becoming more frequent, and more attention is being paid to the bottom line. As Jeremy Lichtman points out in his blog, it is perhaps because of the economic downturn that companies are discovering more cases of corporate fraud, some of which has been going on for many years. The unemployment rate is on the rise, and it is now, more than ever, that your connections will become more important.

So this becomes an addendum to my previous post about goals. An additional aim for 2009 is to reconnect with past associates and find out what they are doing, as well as inform them of what I am doing, from a professional point of view. As well, I will make networking a priority, to find new people who may be able to forward work to me, and to find people who may be able to do work that I come across.

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